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Welcome to Barrow's Butchers

Proudly Serving our customers since 1890

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Opening Hours

You can pre - order for collection in store or for delivery by using the  shop's landline and 24 hour answering machine.

Monday 8am - 5pm

Tuesday 8am - 5pm

Wednesday 8am - 1pm

Thursday 8am - 5pm

Friday 8am - 5:30pm

Saturday 8am - 1pm

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We can offer our customers home deliveries on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday within the local areas of Bollington and Macclesfield.

If you would like delivery please read the following ordering deadlines below:

Tuesday Delivery - Order by 12 noon on Monday

Friday Delivery - Order by 12 noon on Thursday

Saturday Delivery - Order by 12 noon on Friday.

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Barrows supply a high standard of quality raw and cooked meat on the retail side through our shop which is open Monday to Saturday. We also supply a number of local pubs, restaurants, care homes and retreat centres. For over the last 10 years we have supplied local Primary Schools with quality meat starting with Bollington, Macclesfield and Poynton. In 2019 we successfully tendered to continue supplying these areas whilst also taking on the Primary Schools in Congleton and Wilmslow.

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Richard Barrow

Owner and Butcher

Our Products

At Barrows Butchers, we pride ourselves on being traditional butchers. We prepare everything on the premises from the carcass to counter.

Home: Products

Ready to cook

We have a fantastic range of ready to cook meals including
Garlic Chicken Kiev
Stuffed Peppers
Alabama Pork Loin Steaks
Sweet & Sour Chicken Stirfry
Italian Tomato Pork Sausage Meatballs with Mozzarella Cheese
Piri-Piri Chicken Thighs
Beef Stroganoff
Chicken Rogan Josh Curry
Peppered Chicken
Lemon, Chilli & Ginger Turkey Breast Steaks.


- Brisket         - Roasting Beef

- Rib of Beef   - Ribeye Joint

- Rolled rib of beef

- Striploin              - Whole fillets

- Rump Steak     - Sirloin Steak

- Fillet steaks          - Ribeye steaks

- Ribeye bone in      - Standing Rib

- T bone steaks           - Beef Strips

- Fillet tails                  - Diced Beef

- Skirt                         - Shin

      - Shin of Beef bone-in

- MInced Beef      - Minced steak

- Braising steak          - Shoulder steak

- Top rump steak       - Steak & Kidney

- Beef short ribs        - Osso Bucco


Poultry & Game

- Fresh Farm Chickens

- Chicken Crown    - Chicken legs

- Coated Chicken Legs    - Chicken drumsticks

-Chicken Fillets    - Chicken Thighs

- Coated Chicken Thighs

- Chicken fillets skin off

- Diced Chicken breast    - Chicken wings

- BBQ Chicken wings & Fillets    - Hot & Spicy Chicken wings & fillets

- Sweet Chilli & lime Chicken wings & Fillets

- Peppered Chicken wings & Fillets    - Cajun Chicken wings & Fillets

-Salt & Pepper Chicken wings & Fillets - Garlic & butter Chicken wings & Fillets

- Chinese Chicken Wings & fillet 

- Fresh farm Turkey 

- Turkey Breast - Turkey legs

- Turkey Breast Steak & mince

- Whole Ducks

- Duck Breast - Duck Legs

- Diced Venison - Venison Steaks


- Leg of Lamb - Fillet of Lamb
- Shoulder of Lamb
-Blade 1/2 shoulder  -Shank 1/2 shoulder
- Rolled shoulder - Rack of Lamb
-Saddle of Lamb - Breast of Lamb
- Leg lamb Steaks - Minted leg Steaks
-Lamb cutlets - Loin chops
-Lamb rump - Minced Lamb
- Diced Lamb - Neck of Lamb
- Lamb neck fillets - Middle neck chop
- Lamb shoulder chops - Lamb Shanks



- Rolled Leg of Pork
- Rolled Shoulder of Pork
- Pork Loin
- Pork loin Boneless
- Pork shoulder bone-in
- Belly pork - Pork Loin Steaks
- Pork Chops - Pork Fillets
- Chinese Pork Loin Steaks
- BBQ Pork Loin Steaks
- Sweet Chilli Pork Loin Steaks
- Pork Spare Rib Chops
- Diced Pork - Minced Pork
- Pork Shoulder Steak
- Pork Ribs - Chinese Pork Ribs
- BBQ Pork Ribs


- Pork sausage meat - Cumberland Sausage meat
- Pork Sausages & Chipolates
-Pork Sausages Gluten Free
- Cumberland sausages - Cumberland Sausage Curls
-Pork & Apple sausages
- Old English Sausages   - Bollington Festival Sausages
- Pork & Chorizo Sausages
- Pork & Leek Sausages
-Pork & Cranberry Sausages
- Pork & Cracked black Pepper sausages
- Pork & Sweet Chilli Sausages
- Pork & Tomato Sausages
- Venison & Cranberry Sausages
- Beef Sausages    - Beef Burgers
- Pork & Apple Burgers
- Minted Lamb Koftas
- Peppered Lamb Koftas

Smoked Meat


- Gammon Joint

- Boiling Bacon

- Bacon loin Joints

- Ham Shanks

- Gammon steaks

- Gammon Steaks Thin Cut

- Diced Gammon

- Back Bacon

- Back Bacon Thin Cut

- Smoked Back Bacon

 -Smoked Back Bacon Thin Cut

- Home cured rind on Back Bacon

- Home cured Middle Bacon

- Home cured streaky Bacon

- Pancetta

- Bacon Chop

- Bacon Bits

- Bacon Ribs

Cooked Meats & Eggs

-Cooked Ham
-Cooked Beef
- Pork Pies
- Chorizo
- Mixed Tapas PAcks
-Selection of Finest Cheeses
- Bury Black Pudding
- Bury White Pudding
- Local Adlington Large Eggs
- Local Free Range Disley LArge Eggs
- DerbyShire Oatcakes

Special Offer
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Freezer Packs Special Offers

- 5LB Minced Beef
- 5LB Diced Beef
- 5LB Braising Steak
- 5LB Shin Beef
- 5LB Minced Steak
- 5LB Chicken Fillets
- 10 Chicken Legs
- 10 Chicken Drumsticks
- 5LBPork Sausages
- 5LB Pork Chops
- 5LB Diced Pork
- 5LBPork loin Steaks
- 5lb Gammon Steaks

Jars & Sauces

- Gordan Rhodes slow comfortable stew

- Gordon Rhodes Lamb Tagine

- Gordon Rhodes Chicken Curry

- Gordon Rhodes Pulled Pork

- Gordon Rhodes Chilli con Carne

- Sage & Red onion stuffing

- Mrs Darlington's Mint sauce

- Mrs Darlington's Apple & mint jelly

- Mrs Darlington's Cranberry sauce

 - Mrs Darlington's Apple sauce

- Mrs Darlington's Horseradish sauce

- Mrs Darlington's Piccalili

- Mrs Darlington's sweet apple chutney

- Mrs Darlington's Apricot chutney

- Mrs Darlington's Mango chutney

- Mrs Darlington's Orange marmalade

- Mrs Darlington's Red onion marmalade

 - Mrs Darlington's Strawberry Jam

- Mrs Darlington's Lemon Curd

- Local Cheshire Honey ( Janet Beech from Bollington)

- Goose fat - Beef dripping

- Pepper steak sauce - Steak Diane sauce

- Mushroom sauce - Smokey BBQ sauce

- Sweet chilli sauce - Honey Mustard sauce

- Stilton sauce - Bernaise sauce

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About Barrows Butchers

Barrow’s Butchers have been trading from the same shop at 1 Henshall Road, Bollington, Cheshire opposite Grimshaw Lane, for almost 130 years.

The business was started by John Thomas Barrow who was born in 1856. He was the first Chief of the Bollington Fire Brigade and won medals for long service. He was joined in the butchers by his eldest son Tom.

In those days deliveries were made by horse and trap; the horse was named Bob, which you can see in a photo above.

The shop had its own abattoir in the yard behind, poultry was kept on what is now the car park with cattle grazing in a field which is now Ashbrook Road, Bollington.

Tom was succeeded by his eldest sons John and Reg and the business became Barrow’s Brothers.

During the Second World War, meat was rationed and customers had to be registered with the butcher to receive their meagre allowance of meat. These were very difficult times and a little meat had to go a long way.

In 1962 Reg’s elder son John joined the business and was later assisted by his wife Rita. Their elder son Richard, who is now the present owner, was interested in the shop from a very early age and joined on leaving school when the business became Barrow’s Butchers.

Richard now runs the shop alongside his son Sam who has become the sixth generation of butchers. 

Joining in the family business is Harvey, Richard’s nephew and Sam’s cousin.  Harvey is currently studying an Apprenticeship to become a master butcher like Sam. 

We also have another 2 highly skilled butchers, allowing us to boast over 100 years’ butchery experience between us all.

The abattoir has now been converted into a preparation area where sausages, burgers, etc., are made. Barrow’s pride themselves on using only the finest quality local produce, as our customers will testify.

May we thank them for their loyal support and assure them of our best service for many years to come.

We have won awards for our quality meat the latest being awarded supplier of the year for Cheshire East catering when supplying local Primary Schools.

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1 Henshall Road

01625 572110

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